Rhoda Dakar Releases "A Change is Gonna Come (#Never Again)" in Support of the Parkland Student Activists and Gun Control!

Rhoda Dakar and her band have recorded a powerful version of Sam Cooke’s 1964 track “A Change Is Gonna Come” (which became an anthem for the US Civil Rights movement) with new lyrics in support of the students who survived the Parkland school shooting and have banded together to lobby for sane gun control laws to be implemented in order to prevent future mass shootings at schools and…

Duff Review: Sandii and Dennis Bovell "Hula Dub"

Mana Pacifica7″ vinyl single with picture sleeve2017(Review by Steve Shafer)This is a fascinating collaboration between reggae producer-musician-dubmaster Dennis Bovell (Matumbi, Linton Kwesi Johnson, The Slits, Madness, Hollie Cook, Prince Fatty, Boy George, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Alpha Blondy, Janet Kay, Errol Dunkley, Johnny Clarke, Fela Kuti, Steel Pulse, Edwyn Collins, Arcade Fire, The Pop Group, Golden Teacher) and the Japanese/Hawaiian singer Sandii, who for the last few decades has been releasing albums focused on Hawaiian and Polynesian music (in the 1980s, she was in Sandii and the Sunsetz, a Japanese synth pop band, which toured with/opened for acts like Eurythmics, INXS, Blondie, and David Bowie). The two cuts here–“Yorokonbino Uta” and “Pua Lililehua,” both sung in Japanese–are a great mix of Hawaiian hula music and reggae (the results are not far from Lovers rock). Japanese dub/reggae fans should take note that Little Tempo serve as Sandii’s completely ace backing band here

I’m Writing A Book About The Birth Of The American Ska Scene!

Hello! I want to wish any of the readers of this blog a belated Happy New Year!  While I have neglected to post here regularly, its because I’ve signed a deal with DiWulf Publishing to write an oral history about the birth and origins of the American ska scene and its place in American sub-culture!The initial purpose of this blog was to collect stories and research the histories of well-known and overlooked American ska bands who helped lay the foundation for the explosion of the genre in the early 90’s and its ongoing popularity. My as-yet-untitled book will be told through the recollections and anecdotes of the people who lived it: the musicians who were heavily influenced by 2-Tone bands from the UK, the clubs and booking agents who supported the scene from its infancy, the bands that made music and toured relentlessly, and the fans who fell in love with the American counterpart of a beloved British subculture. Right now I’m in the earliest stages of gathering material and research