Buster the Ska Doggie’s Mighty Ska Playlist!


I am Buster the Ska Doggie. This is my awesome playlist. Every song in it gets my “Two Paws Up!!” Begin skanking.


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King Kong 4 Climbs The Empire Skate Building!

Check out this cool new record from King Kong 4. There are so many things I like about this. One is that they are called King Kong 4. I also like that their sound is “wedged uncomfortably between early Elvis Costello and the Specials first album” – as one of the Kongsters described. He’s right, by Jove. The dudes have a FB page and they’re on Bandcamp. The guitar playing is especially notable and the combo rocks. Really solid release, hot off the presses. Two paws up!

Here be they:

Duff Review: Arthur Kay and The Originals "Rare ‘N’ Tasty" Reissue!

(By Steve Shafer)

Arthur Kay and The Originals Rare ‘N’ Tasty (LP, Mad Butcher/Black Butcher Classics, 2016 re-issue–available in the US through Jump Up Records): Back in 2008, MOJO Magazine dubbed Arthur Kay (nee Kitchener) as “the unsung hero of ska” and included one of his tracks in their Dawning of a New Era compilation CD, alongside The Specials, Desmond Dekker, Toots and the Maytals, Rico, Bob Marley, Laurel Aitken, Dandy Livingstone, and others. Read the full article at DuffGuideToSka


Skawesome Ska Outta Deutschland! Four Paws Up! Rotfront Rawks!

Your faithful Ska Doggie is pleased to introduce to Rotfront, straight outta Deutschland. Ska is truly international music and in my travels I have encountered skanking foolz on every continent. These ska-raggamuffin Germans bring it big time on every track I’ve found on their YouTubes. Here are two of my faves. The second one is a cover of a song by another German band, Deichkind. You learn something every dog. I mean day something every ska. That all makes sense to me. W00f!