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Hi, this is Eric and Moose from The UpTones. We got depressed when we could not find a ska section in our local record store in Berkeley.

We then went to Amazon and iTunes and everywhere else online, and couldn’t find ska as a genre. It’s either under “alternative” which is bollocks, or listed as a sub genre to reggae or punk. Nuf’ respect to reggae and punk, but ska came from neither, and it is a top level genre to anyone who knows what dancing feet are for.

So what’s going on here? All the bands on our links list play ska, of one kind or another. We want to have the most complete links page of ska bands, mp3s, sites and podcasts in the universe. Please post a comment and send us your ska url, so we can post it in our list of ska peeps who feel ska isn’t getting its rightful place in the world.


Buster the Ska Doggie

Buster the Ska Doggie

Buster the Ska Doggie was born on July 4th, 2008 when The Uptones released their epic Skankin' Foolz Unite! album. Jesse Michaels drew Buster for the record cover and Buster leaped off of it and started dancing around. Before long Buster had amassed a massive collection of ska records and friends and has been to every single ska show on earth, usually attending at least 100 around the world, all at the same time. Don't ask how he does it. Buster blogs at ska4u.com and you also can find him on FB and Twitter. W00f!


  1. Well…at this point, I aint depressed no more.
    There’s HELLA ska music now!


  2. When I looked on Itunes I could find no SKA section at all. The ska bands are listed under Rock or World or something generic. Emusic has 2 ska sections, one under alt.rock/ska that has more punk ska and one under international.ska, thats more traditional ska. Amazon is fairly orgnised with alt.rock.Ska ,British Ska, Ska Punk & Third Wave Ska. Even though ska punk & 3rd wave is mostly the same bands.

    A few of my top links are

    Rude Boy’s Revenge & Coffee Hour
    An excellent weekly hosted program from Portland State University.

    Rude Radio on Radio K
    A weekly 2 hour hosted show from the University of Minnesota.

  3. Sign of the times, SKA Bob! If we keep pushin’ the ska out there, it will rejuvenate a clearer definition of what ska is. A unity of all of these genres is fine with me, as long as it’s under the umbrella title called Ska. At some point i tunes will have to open up a category. But ska is going to have to make monetary revenue, like punk rock does. Money makes bands compete to the point of separation. Ska is more of a community idea to me. Like the reggae scene, everybody knows who everybody is, from the 1970’s until now. Ska is starting to take that ideology the more and more we realize what is at stake. The survival of the music. We must unite our Rude Boy attitudes and aim it at the ‘man’ and not each other. And let the music do the work. And Ska shall stake it’s claim in the modern industry. I believe in skalitics, only IF the ska music scene is strong. And that means record sales and more willing fans.
    Nice links, Bob.

  4. SKA Bob, thanks 4 the gr8 links, fun stuff! i’ve been meaning to make a ska podcast page here, will get on that. good to know bout amazon, i’ll check it out! ska lives =)

  5. You can add our link http://www.skamontreal.com. It’s a Montreal based ska webzine updated every weekend. We’ve got tons news, reviews videos and more.

  6. Added skamontreal! Brilliant =) Thanks Caroline.

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