New Selecter Single! – “Big In The Body, Small In The Mind”

The great original 2-Tone band, The Selecter, has a brilliant new single. Buy it now and help it climb the Amazon singles chart! Check in on the FB group “get the Selecter new single in the charts.” Two paws up.


Prince Blanco – Held Together by “Ska Tissue”!

Rude bwoi ska from Toronto? Yep. It’s a funny little ting called Ska Tissue that binds our bodies and the universe together.

Prince Blanco
“Ska Tissue” (download mp3)
from “Unify On The Hi-Fi”
(Renegade Recordings)
More please!

Editors note: To hear this song, please go to the Playlist page!

Ska In Peace, Lloyd Knibb

Heaven just got a whole lot more danceable with the addition of Lloyd Knibb, longtime drummer for the Skatalites. Respect and love to his whole extended family, and to fans the world over who loved and enjoyed his music. Lloyd Knibb, more than anyone else, invented and continually refined and re-invented the ska beat, thus making the world, quite simply, a better place. Bon voyage to a great man.

Gr8 article on Jimmy Scott @ Marco On The Bass’s blog

The Life & Times of Jimmy Scott: From Inspiring The Beatles ‘Ob La Di Ob La Da’ to Playing Percussion With Bad Manners

A most exskallent read. For the record, I like O Bla Di! What’s not to love? Some people just gotta hate on pop. Beatles did exactly one ska song in their career, they did it well, and it was an original and a great tribute at a time when ska music was still young. Two-Tone happened fully ten years later. Props, babies. Read on and skank on.