Duff Review: King Kong 4 "More Than Just a Plate Full" Single

Winterbeard RecordsTwo-track digital download2017(Review by Steve Shafer)Given the unbelievably disastrous times we live in (at least here in America), it’s hard for me not to think that the kids-learn-bigotry-at-home lyrics of King Kong 4’s fantastic “Profile Of A New Elite” are anything but a blunt commentary on the current American president’s pernicious and brazenly open cultivation of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, Islamophobes, and their despicable ilk (“Well, boys it’s not unlike your father to be hateful/So, eat up because it’s not polite to be ungrateful/Deep under every home there’s buried a secret/Daddy’s digging them out, should they think to keep it/Every member of every family is guilty/Oh, guilty/It’s a guilt that is not allowed.”). Then again, it could just be about the awesome power parents have to raise either good and decent human beings or menaces to society

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