Duff Review: The Georgetown Orbits "Keep Your Chin Up" b/w "Picture on the Wall" Single

Simmerdown Productions7″ vinyl picture sleeve single/digital download2017(Review by Steve Shafer)If the slings and arrows of life have worn you down, one quick (safe and legal) way to lift your spirits may be to take a listen to the Georgetown Orbits’ wonderful “Keep Your Chin Up,” an infectiously upbeat soulful trad ska track (think Stubborn All-stars) bursting with encouragement and optimism (“Tell me whose burden is the heaviest/Tell me whose life is the easiest/Yes, I know this life seems like a test/And you will pass it/If you give it your best!”). This is paired with a phenomenal cover of Freddy McKay’s rocksteady classic “Picture on the Wall” which deftly conveys the heartbreak of the original that also still clings to hope for love (“People said I’m a fool to say goodbye to you/But believe me, your picture’s still hanging on the wall/Does it have to be there, still hanging/Hanging on the wall?”). This is one hot single that you don’t want to miss

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