Susan Cadogan Drops Truth On Her New Maxi-Single, “Truth Talkin'”

This is so refreshing to a ska doggie’s ears. The legendary Susan Cadogan sings a rootsy rocksteady love song in her unmistakable voice, with a sweet lyric by Melanie Peterson that could have been written a thousand years ago or last week. Backed by producer Mitch “King Kong” Girio and his tight Toronto crew, Susan’s shimmering vocal was recorded by Wayne Armond all the way over in Kingston, Jamaica! International ska, baby. 4 killer versions, one great song. Extra love for the trombone arrangement! Beautiful work.

All paws UP! Way UP!

Happy Skanko De Mayo! Classic UPTONES Live Footage from Jake the Skank

W00f! Ten years ago at the Oakland Metro Opera House. The UPTONES headlined and MINUS VINCE played their last show. It was a classic East Bay one-off and just happened to be captured by Jake Small, AKA Jake the Skank. He recently remastered the audio and visual and re-posted it in the Intertubes, so without further ado, here’s the skacument:

Two Paws UP! Way UP!