Classic Ska CD: N.Y.Beat Hit And Run – The Knit Closes In NYC

Marco On The Bass (bass player for Bigger Thomas) blogs about the closing of Knitting Factory in NYC: “This past Friday night saw the closing of yet another venerable club here in New York City. The Knitting Factory joined CBGB’s, The Continental and many others that helped to grow, nurture and support the NYC ska scene over the last 25 years. The Knit (as it was affectionately known) regularly booked ska bands and (read whole article)

Pick of the week: Monkey – Agents of Change?

Just found this excellent article about Monkey by Steve Palopoli on

San Jose’s Monkey have a message for a new era

BARACK OBAMA: the ska president? That’s what it seems like to Curtis Meacham, guitarist, vocalist and head songwriter for San Jose’s longtime ska band Monkey. In the final days of the Bush administration, he explains, the music’s popularity was at an all-time low.

“We’ve been through some pretty rough times, where people just expressed their desire to either not be in the band or to not continually beat (more…)