Skankin’ Foolz Dance Contest Rides Again!

Just learned The Uptones are set to do one of their awesome dance contest shows, on Friday, Oct. 5th at Ashkenaz in Berkeley! The Agent Deadlies are also on the show. Peep this exciting story about the last Skankin’ Foolz Dance Contest in the East Bay Express. RSVP at the official EVENT PAGE! More pics from earlier contests here. Buster out.

Here’s a pic of the last happy, sweaty winner:


Questions only the Skanking Fool could answer


Q:  How do I win your dance contest?

A:  You must have a number to win the contest. After receiving your number, skank through the entire Uptones set, and then wait for the judges to announce the winner.

Q. Where do I get a number?

A.   Numbers are assigned the evening of the contest at the registration
It’s first come first serve.

Q. How can I be guaranteed a number?

A. Anyone who buys a ticket in advance is assigned a number.

Q. Who judges the contest?

A. The Skanking Fool and his Posse

Q.  Is there only one prize?

A.  No. The amazing prize of $200.00 isn’t the only one. There will be more prizes.

Q . Are there any other hints you can give us?

A.  Yes.  I would dress very ska.