Questions only the Skanking Fool could answer


Q:  How do I win your dance contest?

A:  You must have a number to win the contest. After receiving your number, skank through the entire Uptones set, and then wait for the judges to announce the winner.

Q. Where do I get a number?

A.   Numbers are assigned the evening of the contest at the registration
It’s first come first serve.

Q. How can I be guaranteed a number?

A. Anyone who buys a ticket in advance is assigned a number.

Q. Who judges the contest?

A. The Skanking Fool and his Posse

Q.  Is there only one prize?

A.  No. The amazing prize of $200.00 isn’t the only one. There will be more prizes.

Q . Are there any other hints you can give us?

A.  Yes.  I would dress very ska.