Cloverdale Ska? But yes!

The songs stuck in my head is a super shweet skinhead reggae and ska podcast from Cloverdale Dave outta (u guessed it) Cloverdale, CA, the 2nd coolest small town in America. Have a listen, you’ll be glad you did. This is all str8 from Dave’s gr8 collection of original vinyl sides, and we’re talking some of the best music evar. Two paws up. Learned of this gem from Milesgehm on BayAreaSka after I posted the Uptones Cloverdale date there. Ah, and if I didn’t mention it here, The Uptones play Friday Night Live in Cloverdale, August 27. W00f.

The Upsessions – “You Done Me Wrong” mp3

Dutch reggae ska lovers The Upsessions have been slingin’ their own take on early Jamaican pop music since 2005. In that time they’ve amassed an impressive little discography and put on a lot of well received shows in Europa. Here’s one of their studio cuts, a personal fave of mine called “You Done Me Wrong.” Love that bubblin’ organ and be warned – the chorus might stay with you for daze!

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The Planet Smashers feat. Neville Staple – “Explosive” mp3

Montreal, Canada’s own ska heroes The Planet Smashers, rockin’ it with Neville Staple (yes the Neville Staple) on a killer anthem whose mission is no less than to save the world. It’s a worthy cause this ska doggie can support. Two paws up!

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