The Uptones – “Get Out Of My Way” mp3

The classic Berkeley punk ska anthem from my favorite band. The Uptones used to open their set with it back when I was a puppy. I play the recording whenever I’m stuck in traffic. Do ska doggies drive cars? But yes. Ska doggies can do anything.

Editors note: To hear this song, please go to the Playlist page! We had to change ‘tings up in here a bit. Enjoy!

The Rudimentals – “Big Boss” mp3

The Rudimentals – “Big Boss” mp3

Rudimentally speaking, “Big Boss” by The Rudimentals is some big boss sounds about a big boss. Tight, well arranged horns bust a soulful ska line and the riddim section mashes it ‘tup old skool style, all backing a slew of great vocal lines. Plus a wikkid trombone solo, for extra ska flavour. Pick it up!

The Aggrolites – “Lunar Eclipse” mp3

I can only go so many ska doggie days without some Aggy’s. Formed originally as a one-off backing band for the legendary Derrick Morgan, The Aggrolites have since become internationally known as one of the tightest ska/reggae bands on the live music scene. Always a great show, go see ’em when u get the chance. Here’s an early instrumental with their patented “Dirty Reggae” sound. Ah, that sweet Hammond Organ. Great guitar work on this too, and their riddim section can’t be beat. I haz happy.

The Aggrolites – “Lunar Eclipse (play/download)