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Actual photograph
Actual photograph

While I was out for my morning run thru teh Inertnets I did stumble upon this fascinating Reddit entry entitled Since it seems to be ska week, here is the history of ska music with well over 50 YouTube links. It’s a nice overview of the history of ska through the various waves and incarnations. Needless to say I sniffed every song on it, from The Skatalites to The Uptones to Op Ivy  and beyond, and now I’m a bit exhausted from all the skanking and running. Imagine my shock when I pawed in “Ska” in a Reddit search and came up with a bazillion skankalicious entries. A ska doggie must be fit and ready to skank at all times. Here’s an actual photograph of me, this very morning.

Save Ferris Returns To San Francisco! And LA! Hella!

Yes it’s true! The band that brought you a 3rd-wave ska flavored hit version of the Dexy’s Midnight Runners smash, “Come On Eileen” is playing a rare show in LA on Nov. 1 and one in SF on Oct. 30! You will go. And report back. W00f!


Save Ferris Regency Ballroom San Francisco

Tef London: What’s in a Name?

Tef LondonTef London is the new name of Teflon Don, a Skarific 8 piece from Orlando, Florida. Seems innocent enough until, catch this, they were forced to change their name because of a pending trademark.

Teflon Don, as most of us affectionately knew them, had been playing punk/swing/ska for 3 years. They ripped up the Orlando Ska scene and had brief notoriety when in 2010 they shot a low budget music video named One for the Drinkers after their single. Everything seemed great for Teflon Don. Suddenly in early May 2013 due to a trademark complaint their Facebook page went completely offline. Even their Youtube videos were in hot water. This might seem trivial, but in this high tech world being detached from the social media means no one knows about you.

The Complainant is a Memphis Rapper by the name Donald Askey. He has allegedly sued Rick Ross and DJ Khaled for using his pseudonym. Low and behold we have the case in hand. According to University of Florida Business Consultant Michael Prizament,”Facebook and Youtube were protecting themselves and their clients from further legal action. Since Facebook has no legitimate claim over Teflon Don they can not proclaim one client has been using said name longer and thus deserves the domain name. Since Mr.Askey has a trademark pending he has a legitimate claim over the name rights.”

Thus Teflon Don chose cleverly to rebrand themselves Tef London. Their new Facebook page is now up and running. As an incentive to visit the new site, for every 100 likes Tef London gets they will select a random fan to receive a free T-shirt and CD.

If you haven’t heard any of their songs click here for some great Florida Ska!

About Doctor Delicious

Tenor Saxophonist from Gainesville, Florida who currently plays with The Duppies and The Partials. He loves Ska and tries to find the most down to earth music.

Florida Ska Rep Here!

Hey Rude boys and Ska doggies! Seems as though this website needed some loving from the west coast. Seeing as my hometown Gainesville, FL is also home to many a great Ska bands(Less then Jake, The Know How, Chupaskabra, The Duppies), I grew up in the Ska. I recently had the opportunity to play Ska with Lester Sterling of the Skatilites. Lester was there at the genesis of Ska on the island of Jamaica, he knows more about Ska then the average Joe. He explained to me the essence of Ska. Lester said “Drum and Bass is like the heart, no one is really alive without it pumping”. That fascinated me, I always thought Ska was the classic off beats of the rhythm guitar. Here in Gainesville we call it a “Felafel” due to the way it sounds to us. I was proven wrong when Lester yelled Drum and Bass onstage. Even though the off beats were nonexistent people still skanked. It was as though the dance assumed the position of the rhythm guitar, arms flailed on the upbeats on instinct. If the heart is Drum and bass, than the “Felafel” is like the body which holds everything together.  I think we can all take a step back to look at our roots and learn a little something.

Stranger Cole & Lester Sterling – Bangarang

Doctor Delicious

About Doctor Delicious

Tenor Saxophonist from Gainesville, Florida who currently plays with The Duppies and The Partials. He loves Ska and tries to find the most down to earth music.