Cloverdale Ska? But yes!

The songs stuck in my head is a super shweet skinhead reggae and ska podcast from Cloverdale Dave outta (u guessed it) Cloverdale, CA, the 2nd coolest small town in America. Have a listen, you’ll be glad you did. This is all str8 from Dave’s gr8 collection of original vinyl sides, and we’re talking some of the best music evar. Two paws up. Learned of this gem from Milesgehm on BayAreaSka after I posted the Uptones Cloverdale date there. Ah, and if I didn’t mention it here, The Uptones play Friday Night Live in Cloverdale, August 27. W00f.

Flyover Ska Show rockin’ with Sic & MAD

A fun podcast from Minnesota’s ska community, featuring an entertaining interview with Sic & MAD‘s Vic Ruggiero and Happy. You may bust it by clicking here. Fans of The Slackers must not miss, and all the rest o’ you ska doggies and kittehs should check it out too! Skaducational. Inskarational, even. Buster approves.