Here are some variations on the classic skanking dance moves.
Learn them all! Have fun. And remember, dress appropriately and
don’t skank next to a cliff or edge of a rooftop if you’re tipsy.
Know any ska dance instruction videos that we have missed?
Send the url and we’ll post it here! Better yet, make your own

Peps Visits The Ska Shrine

How To Skank

World’s Youngest Ska Dancer?

Original Ska Dance

Skanking Instructional Video

Skanking instructional video

This is Ska

Real Skanking according to Sman1717

Skanking Paso 2

(Don’t) Skank At School

Rudie Can’t Fail Skanking

Grandpa skanking

Skanking On The Beach

Now All Together Skanking

For further discussion about skanking check out this article by Bob Timm: Skanking 101!

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