A Long Time Ago In A Skalaxy Far Far Away

The Uptones and our friends the Freaky Executives played the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Santa Rosa way back in summer of 1986. In the audience, a young Tazy Phyllipz was experiencing live ska music for the 1st time. He told me this much later, when he interviewed me on his radio show, The Ska Parade. Tazy has been on an adventure in radio and concert promotion for decades, popularizing ska and ska-related music and bands far and wide. I thought this was a good time to post here at ska4u so all you ska cats and doggies can check out his show. It’s always a great listen. You can download the free app at Apple App Store or Google Play, and listen live to new episodes every Sun. 8p-10p PST (w/ a rebroadcast the following Wed. 2p-4p PST) via www.DirtyRadio.fm. I’ll be tuning in to his interview with Sir Horace Gentleman, one of my favorite bass players of all time and lifelong foundation of The Specials. The Specials happen to be the first ska band I fell in love with, in my teens, and they had a greater impact and influence on my life in a shorter time than any other band ever did. So that’s another first. See how this all fits together? The interview was yesterday but it re-airs this Weds, 6/28 at 2p-4p Pacific Time on www.DirtyRadio.fm! 🏁 Thanks Tazy, and thanks Horace, for all the decades of fun, great messages, great shows and great music. Skank long and prosper.

Duff Guide to Ska Fast Takes: King Kong 4 "There’s Not Much That You or I Can Do About It," Jackie Mittoo "Striker Showcase"

(Reviews by Steve Shafer) King Kong 4 – There’s Not Much That You or I Can Do About It (Five-track digital EP, Winterbeard Records, 2017): I saw the harrowing movie version of Nevil Shute’s post-World War III/doomsday novel “On the Beach” (where the last bits of humanity in Melbourne, Australia wait for the the nuclear fallout to reach and kill them–though most of the characters opt out via suicide pills, rather than suffering an agonizing death due to radiation poisoning) while in middle school at the end of the 1970s, when nuclear armageddon was a terrifyingly real possibility (and kept me up at nights). While King Kong 4’s There’s Not Much That You or I Can Do About It EP and its song titles are all taken from Shute’s bleak novel (note the mushroom clouds in the EP cover art), all of their instrumental tracks are actually pleasantly bright and cheery.

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