Please post links to bands that are not yet on this list and should be, in the comments section below! They can be original Jamaica ska, two-tone, third wave, punky ska, fourth wave, or your mama’s wave, as long as they play some ska. There is no chronological order here, or any order for that matter, other than that I’m trying to make sure all these are working links to good ska music and band info. Please link back to us and show your love for ska. Enjoy.

The Skatalites – Jamaica
The Specials – UK
The Pepitones – Gainesville, Florida, USA
The Duppies – Gainesville, Florida, USA
Umbrella Bed – Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA
The Cat Empire -Austrailia
Toots and the Maytals – Jamaica
The UpTones – Berkeley, Skalifornia
Teflon Don – Orlando, Florida, USA
Goldmaster Allstars – UK
The Untouchables – Los Angeles, Skalifornia
Skamanians – France
Ore Ska Band – All-girl ska band from Japan! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Askultura Miami, Florida, USA
Los Caligaris Córdoba, Argentina
A Minor Revolution
The Communicators – UK
The Pepper Pots – Spain
Hepcat – California, USA
Johnny Cakes and the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypso – Long Island, and other islands, somewhere in the vast oceans, arrrrgh mateys
Death In The Arena – Raritan, New Jersey, USA
The Steadys – NYC
Ska-Boom – Stavanger, Rogaland, Norway!
Waste Basket – Chicago, IL, USA
Moon – Seattle, Skashington
Rude King Dallas (yes, Dallas!), – Texas, USA, beeyortch.
We Are The Union – Detroit, Michigan, US
Have Nots – Boston, Massachusetts, US
Aids Free – Tuscon, Arizona, US
The Flaming Tsunamis – New Haven, Connecticut, US
Threat Level Burgundy – Billerica, Massachusetts, US
No Torso – Oslo, Norway
Lamp Attack – Worcester, US
Fatter Than Albert – New Orleans, Louisiana, US
The Resignators – “Psychoska” from Melbourne, Australia
Matt Wixson – Shelby Township, Michigan, US
Arrogant Sons Of Bitches – Long Island, US
The Fad – Bong Island, New York
Stuck Lucky – Thrashville, Tennessee, US
Stray Bullets – Boston, MA
Lemon Lime Tennis Shoes – Warwick, Rhode Island, US
Infamous Jake and The Pinstripe Mafia – Amherst, Massachusetts, US
Ba Ba Brooks – Jamaica original, do yr studies, kidz
Chester Bay – Minneapolis, MN, US
Kamikaze Kush – Jacksonville, IL, USA
Drewvis – UK – UK
Second Time Lucky – Brighton, London and South East UK
Brunt Of It – Allston, Rhode Island, US
Maxwell Smart – Chatsworth, California, US
Arthur Kay and The Originals – UK
Coup De Ska – California, USA
The Swami Jane Equation – Baltimore, MD, US
StereoHype – Mississippi
The Best Of The Worst – New Jersey, USA
A Billion Ernies – Germany
Deskarats – Catalonia, Spain
Buford O’Sullivan
50:50 Shot – Georgia, USA
Half Past Two – Orange County, CA, USA
The Refinements– UK
Out of Nothing – Florida, USA
Chilled Monkey Brains – Florida, USA
The Long Johns – Florida, USA
The Aggrolites – California, USA
The Delegators – UK
The Selecter – UK
Bad Manners – UK
Skaville-UK – UK. duh.
Upstanding Youth – Hawaii, USA
The Impalers – Oakland, CA
The Big – UK
Brixton Robbers – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Bigger Thomas – New York, USA
STYR – Chatsworth, Skalifornia
2 Tone Lizard Kings – Arizona, USA
The Upsessions – Amsterdam, NL
Poor AJ – California, USA
Canon Law – Broken up March 27th 2009
Fishbone – California, USA
Last Martyrs Of A Lost Cause – Pennsylvania, USA
Westbound Train – Massachusetts, USA
Unmotivated – Florida, USA
Sexto Sol – Germany
Self Made Men – California, USA
Taut To A Bay – Florida, USA
The Slackers – New York, USA
The Associated – California, USA
Franco Nero – California, USA
Midriff Winona, MN, USA
Sonic Boom Six – UK
The Special Guests – Germany
Grim Luck – California, USA
The Wailers – Jamaica
Warsaw -Arizona, USA
Upright Dub Orchestra – Oregon, USA
Victor Rice – Brazil
The Skank Agents
Ill Gotten Gains
Bouncing Souls – New Jersey, USA
Prince Buster – Orange Street, Jamaica
Rancid – California, USA
Bill Skasby California, USA
Voodoo Glow Skulls – California, USA
Breag -Ireland
Agent Deadlies – California, USA
Airwave bandits – Minnesota, USA
Skafield -Germany
Dannys House – California, USA
Big D & the Kids Table -Massachusetts, USA
Barrington Levy – UK
The Pedal-Tones – California, USA
The Toasters -New York, USA
The Grown-Ups -Texas, USA
Spring Heeled Jack -New Haven, CT, USA
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra – Japan
Monkey – California, USA
Bomb the Music Industry! -New York, USA
Buck-O-Nine – California, USA
Chris Murray – California, USA
Against All Authority Florida, USA
The Allentons – California, USA
Animales Deskarados – California, USA
Bim Skala Bim -Massachesetts, USA
Critical Mass – California, USA
Blue Meanies – Illinois, USA
Flip The Switch – California, USA
The Bodysnatchers – UK
The Busters – Germany
Byron Lee & the Dragonaires – Jamaica
The Aquabats – California, USA
Califfo De Luxe – Italy
Cambridge -Canada
Capdown – UK
Ruckus – Massachusetts, USA
Catch 22 – New Jersey, USA
Chase Long Beach – California, USA
Chicken poodle Soup – Minnesota, USA
Choking Victim – New York ,USA
Citizen Fish – UK
Clement “Coxsone” Dodd – Jamaica
Common Rider – California, USA
Dance Hall Crashers – California, USA
Deal’s Gone Bad – California, USA
The Debonaires – California, USA
Derrick Morgan – Jamaica
Desmond Dekker – Jamaica
Don Drummond – Jamaica
The Donkey Show – California, USA
Dread I Dread -Minnesota, USA
Duke Reid – Jamaica
Left Alone – California, USA
Eastern Standard Time – Washington DC, USA
The English Beat – UK
Dave Wakeling – California, USA
Eric “Monty” Morris – Jamaica
Ernest Ranglin – Jamaica
The Ethiopians – Jamaica
The Expendables – California, USA
The Fabulous Rudies – California, USA
Fandangle – UK
Five Iron Frenzy – Colorado, USA
The Flatliners Canada
The Forces of Evil – California, USA
FTB – California, USA
Los Furios – Canada
General Rudie – Canada
The Georgetown Orbits – Washington, USA
Ghetto Empire – California, USA
Go Jimmy Go -Hawaii, USA
Goldfinger – California, USA
Green Room Rockers -Indiana, USA
Gylbots – Minnesota, USA
Half The Fight – Indiana, USA
High School Football Heroes – New York, USA
The Hippos – California, USA
The Hoodwinks – Canada
Hub City Stompers – New Jersey, USA
I Voted for Kodos – Wisconsin, USA
Ill Scarlett – Canada
The Insyderz – Michigan, USA
Jackie Opel – Jamaica
Jeffries Fan Club – California, USA
Johnny’s Gone Mad and the Rollercoasters – California, USA
Johnny Socko – Indiana, USA
The Johnstones – Canada
Junior Reid – Jamaica
Justifi – California, USA
Justin Hinds – Jamaica
Kemuri – Japan
The Kiltlifters – Canada
King Django – New York, USA
The Kingpins – Canada
The Know How – Gainesville, Florida, USA
Kortatu – Spain
La Severa Matacera – California, USA
Laurel Aitken – Jamaica
Lee “Scratch” Perry – Jamaica
Leftöver Crack – New York, USA
Less than Jake – Gainesville, Florida, USA
Let’s Go Bowling – California, USA
Link 80 – California, USA
Long Beach Shortbus – California, USA
Lord Tanamo – Jamaica
Los Hooligans – California, USA
Los Vicios De Papa – Illinois, USA
Mad Bomber Society – Canada
Mad Caddies – California, USA
Madness – UK
Maldita Vecindad – Mexico City, Mexico
The Melodians – Jamaica
The Mighty Mighty Bosstones -Massachusetts, USA
Mikey Talented – Minnesota, USA
Millie Small – Jamaica
Monty’s Fan Club – Rhode Island, USA
Moving to Pluto – Minnesota, USA
Mu330 – Missouri, USA
Mustard Plug – Michigan, USA
Natalie Wouldn’t – New York, USA
New York Ska Jazz Ensemble -New York, USA
The Next Best Thing – Canada
No Doubt – California
No. 1 Station – UK
The O.C. Supertones – California, USA
One Drop – California, USA
Operation Ivy – California, USA
Oreskaband – Japan
The P. Lacquers – Minnesota
Panteon Rococo – Mexico
The Paragons – Jamaica
Patent Pending – New York, USA
The Peacocks – UK
The Pietasters – Washington DC, USA
The Pinstripes – Ohio, USA
The Pioneers – Jamaica
The Planet Smashers – Canada
The Porkers – Australia
Potshot – Japan
Rally Vincent (Super Hiatus) – Virginia, USA
RC Dub – Nebraska, USA
The Real Deal – Canada
Reel Big Fish – California, USA
Rico Rodriguez – Jamaica
Rocksteady Breakfast – Minnesota, USA
Ruder Than You – Pennsylvania, USA
The Rudimentals – South Africa
Sajak – Minnesota, USA
Save Ferris – California, USA
The Scofflaws – New York
Second Hand Ska Kings – Minnesota, USA
SGR – Pennsylvania, USA
Skalaticians – Minnesota, USA
Ska-P – Spain
Skalariak – Spain
Skamikaze – alifornia, USA
Skankin’ Pickle – California, USA
The Skatomatics – Canada
Slapstick (band) – Illinois, USA
Slightly Stoopid – California, USA
The Soul Captives – California, USA
Spunge – UK
Streetlight Manifesto – New Jersey, USA
Stupid Flanders – California, USA
SubCity Dwellers – Canada
Sublime – California, USA
Suburban Legends – California, USA
The Suicide Machines – Michigan, USA
The Suppressors – California, USA
Symarip – UK
Tequila And The Sunrise Gang – Germany
3 Minute Hero – Minnesota, USA
Tijuana No! – Mexico
Tommy McCook – Jamaica
Treephort – Georgia, USA
2 Tone Runts – Minnesota, USA
The Wedgewoods – Canada


      1. Thx will do Johnny!

  1. The Sea Bees. I saw them at the topsfield fair (Massachusetts) and was like…wait…THIS IS SKA! They do their own stuff, but I think they covered a streetlight song and they arranged a few covers as well. Young group, but look promising.

  2. Teflon Don from Orlando, FL!

    1. Y’all sound great! Just what the Dr prescribes. I’ll totally add youse guys(and gal). I’ve gotta appreciate fellow FL bands!

  3. Yay thanks! Keep ’em comin 🙂 I’ll update the main list above soon as I get a minute. Woof!

  4. Sea Bees young blood!

  5. Today’s french ska bands

    – the Branlarians (
    – Toulouse skanking foundation (
    – Mampy (
    – Ska-fever (
    – Bobby sixkiller (
    – Two tone club (
    – 8°6 crew (
    – 65 mines street (
    – the Sarah connors (

    … Enjoy !

  6. Hey, I did not see Umbrella Bed (Minneapolis, MN) on this list, though they have been around for about 20 years, so thought I’d share the love!!! Plus, they’re brewing up a new album, so it is definitely worth keeping your ears out for them. Lots to check out on their website:


    1. Thanks Brandy! Can u please post their website (or FB or whatever their main site is) here? I can post a youtube on this page since it auto-plays so need a reg’lar page. Many skanks,

    1. Skawesome! They have a gr8 site too. Added, thanks Mauricio!

    1. Brrrrrilliant!! Added, thanks Dr. D!!

  7. Many Skanks, mi amigos! I will update the list this weekend with these great new skadditions. Woof,

    1. Wow, I’m not going to lie this is pretty good stuff! One show in Pompano Beach? Should have at least done Churchhill’s in Miami and/or The Social in Orlando! Ska is good in Florida.

  8. Hey Guys ,
    We are the Goldmaster Allstars , we play ska rocksteady and reggae.
    Our new album is a twelve track ska instrumental album.
    The band has just also won best british reggae band with the British Reggae Industry.
    Many thanks

    1. Added! Congrats on the award. Where in UK are you guys based?

  9. hi guys love the site, lots of great bands, will be a while checking them out….hope you will have a look at our site we are a uk band in the south west of England . we have won the south west music awards for two years for best album and live band you can obtain tracks of our albums from band camp, itunes, soundcloud,we have a dr who track licenced by the BBC and will be releasing other work in the near future. Hope to see lots of your fans visiting oursite have fun …cheers

  10. w00f! We need a volunteer to go thru the latest comments on this thread and update the super badass uber ska bands master list above! It’s a lot of work for one ska doggie and I have my paws full these days, what with the puppies and all my bitches. Send me a note if you want to help out! I’ll give you a user account here and you can even make your own blog posts in ska4u if you like. I’m all up in:

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  12. Spam is in the mind, count. And in my doggie dish.

  13. You should have a look at Will And The People.

  14. My old ska-reggae-jazz surf band has a tribute page:

  15. Square Roots- Halloween gig at The Catalyst, Santa Cruz

  16. Cool list, here is a video from the Seattle Ska fest. It’s a new ska band Bad Koala playing a cover of the Aggrolites song Free Time.

    The keytar is pretty cool. I think these guys could use some work but could be big in the scene in a year or two.

  17. We are The Rifffs MT from the Mediterranean island of Malta.

  18. Dr Rocket and the Moon Patrol were a hyper traditional SKA band that rode the 3rd Wave out to Sea. From Fresno/Kingsburg California the 7-12 piece band made a name for themselves in Northern California and beyond releasing the S/T CD on Beat Happy Music along with songs on several compilations including the Mashin’ Potatoes Tribute to DEVO. They toured from CA-to MI never making it all the way to the East Coast. Performing with Mustard Plug, Less Than Jake, Link80, Blue Meanies, Let’s Go Bowling, Green Day and just about everyone else in the late 90’s Early 00. The drummer is currently in the Airborne Toxic Event and the singer fronts It’ll Grow Back.

    1. Skawesome!!!

  19. Authentic six piece two tone ska style band originals and/or covers including songs by specials bad manners madness selector check us out on facebook . Uk based have performed in japan, and festivals in Holland, France and Germany

  20. Hi. I run a ska-influenced horn section. Started the “Pleasure Point Horns” back in 1986 while with the Square Roots ( ).

    too much fun!

  21. Check out this band I recorded with last summer and played a serious of gigs around the San Francisco Bay Area: Flip & the European Mutts

    More of their tunes (64ing and Gypsy) are on the pleasure point horns page on reverberation

  22. Must listen to 3 Minute Hero Minneapolis Minnesota!

  23. Hows it going. Pretty cool site. Hope ya like my ska/punk band Absurd Tones.
    Enjoy the tunes. Cheers!

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