BBC Covers Latin Ska Scene in South Central LA

This is cool – there’s a nice bit on BBC about the bands and fans of a growing Latin Ska scene in South Central Los Angeles. There’s long been a great tradition of Latin influenced Ska music, and Ska en Espanol – including bands like La Plebe from San Francisco and Upground from East LA. Wow even as I write this I Google “Latin Ska LA” and find a recent LA Times article on the subject! Buster the Ska Doggie approves.

It Ska Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod World!

There has long been a connection between the fashion and music of Mod and Ska. Though Mod was born in England, and Ska was born in Jamaica, they have shared certain looks, sounds and attitudes, over time. In Los Angeles in the early 1980s these styles came together in a new and big way. Continue reading “It Ska Mod Mod Mod Mod Mod World!”