Sweet Summer Sounds of The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies

Before Sublime (and all the bands after that seem to squeeze juicy ska reggae dub vibes from the California surf and sun!) The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies were cookin’ up some sunshine of their own in the rainy northwest town of Eugene, Oregon. Their name was a sort of deliberate confrontation with the hyper-PC reality of their surroundings, and it worked, garnering them plenty of controversy, critique, and, well, packed houses full of sweaty happy dancers! Here’s a taste of their musically sophisticated work – a charming song with epic reggae horns and panoramic vocal harmonies. Continue reading “Sweet Summer Sounds of The Cherry Poppin’ Daddies”

Reel Big Beat!

Reel Big Fish and The English Beat on tour together

That’s right, ska rock vets Reel Big Fish and two-tone ska legends The English Beat, along with Orlando, FL reggae/ska punks The Supervillains, are on tour together this summer. Reel Big Fish front man Aaron Barrett says the band is amped to be touring with one of its musical idols. Barrett explains, “We are so excited to be playing with one of our favorite bands of all time and one of the biggest influences on our music!!  We LOVE the English Beat. This tour is a dream come true for us!”   Continue reading “Reel Big Beat!”

Nice Up The Dancehall!

What is happenin’ YO?
Are the latest headlines pushing you over the edge?
I’m still pushy about pushin the ska genre into the world and beyond!
Obsession isn’t the right word for me right now…
I simply love Ska music, fans and bands.
But take a moment and check out the threads, man…the threads!

Continue reading “Nice Up The Dancehall!”