Toasters on tour!

toasters-skankbankNYC’s longest-skanking band, The Toasters, is doing a big ass tour and they will be stopping at this ska doggie’s own hometown of Berkeley, CA. Yes and opening the show will be Skank Bank, latest greatest heirs to the Gilman-y ska-punky Berkeley High School-y skank-o-sphere. And yes, the show is at 924 Gilman. South bay ska stalwarts MONKEY and Gilman skafficianados Jokes For Feelings, plus The Skunkadelics are also on this skawesome bill. I will be there, passing out ska-ggy biskits to all my Bitches.

Marco On The Case

This ska doggie has been notoriously busy herding cats and chasing doggie biskits. Meanwhile ska news comin’ in hot from Marco On The Bass:

Montreal Ska Festival Announces The Skatalites & The Toasters as Headliners

The third installment of the Montreal Ska Festival, which is quickly establishing itself as the premiere ska event in North America, will kick-off from October 13-15th with a diverse line-up of bands from across Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Read more..

Suggs confirms new Madness album for 2012: New songs return to ska and reggae roots

Madness frontman Suggs has confirmed the U.K. ska/pop insititution plan to release a new studio album in 2012! The new record will be the band’s first since 2009′s ‘The Liberty of Norton Folgate‘, which broke into the UK Top 5.  Read more..

And this bit o’ doggie baffling..

Two Indie Films About Ska Titled ‘Rude Boy” Seek Funding On KickStarter

Not one, but two indie films titled ‘Rude Boy’ that have ska at the core of their coming of age stories are seeking funding support via the crowd sourcing website Kickstarter.  Read more..

The Toasters – “Freedom” mp3

The Toasters – “Freedom” mp3

Ah the lovely Toasters. These guys should get a special ska doggie medal for persevering and spreading ska far and wide during some of the darkest days the music business has ever known. Run as an independent act from the start, every scrap of their success as earned one fan at a time on the road, when often as not, they played to ska-starved fans and puzzled onlookers in a roadhouse a’la The Blues Brothers. Here’s their anthem to one of the finest things in the world – that elusive and magnificent, tangible but invisible, immeasurably valuable stuff, Freedom. Hey that’s a lot of words for a ska doggie! But talk is cheap. And what price freedom? Download and enjoy and go see this band if you get the chance.